Matthew 19:26 What may be impossible with man, is completely possible with GOD

Under Construction

We love our customers. North Carolina and South Carolina families are building their dream homes with Custom Built Homes of the Carolinas, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here is a photo gallery of some of the current homes under construction now and a list of the Customers we have Coming Soon.  Browse our modular home floor plans to find your dream home today.

New homes coming soon include: The Newsome Home, The Brown Home, The Phelps Home, The Stanley Home, The Messenger Home, The Pitchford Home, The Morton Home, The Oliver Home, The Jones Home, The Oliver Home,  The Whitehurst Home,  The Borroughs Home, The Reynolds Home, The Vincent Home,  The Sholar Home, The Jenkins Home,  The McDuffie Home,  The Abbattista Home, The Baldwin/Waller Home, The Spivey Home, The Keeler Home,  The Wise Home,  The Jacobs Home, The Strawser Home, The Saltzman Home, The Yntema Home, The Stancil Home, The Leblanc Home, The Purser Home, and many many more.    God is so good!!!!!

Click on the House Signs to see progress of each